Birch Gold Group IRA Review

Birch Gold Group Review
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Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group Reviews

In an ever-changing world of finance and Investment, who is to say what can happen next. There’s no calendar to anticipate the next financial crisis neither is there a bell that will toll to alert us of the next pandemic. To be prepared for these unforeseen circumstances, one needs to edge his Investment into safer and less risky ventures.

Precious metals have proven to be the best and safest Investment choice to protect your wealth from the volatile stock market.

As a result of the increase in Gold IRA Investment, different Companies have set up shops to offer diverse gold IRA Services. Today, we will take a look at the Birch Gold IRA company.

Birch Gold IRA company is a top gold IRA Investment firm that deals in a variety of gold products and offered top-notch services that have made them a top pick for investors looking to invest their wealth in gold.

This article will shed light on their business, services, qualities, and other information that you will require before choosing a gold IRA company.

Is Birch Gold Group a Legitimate Company?

Founded in 2003, and headquartered in California, Birch Gold Group is an investment firm that deals in a variety of precious metals.

Birch Gold offers you precious metals ranging from gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc. These metals are available for private purchase, and also IRA purchase.

Birch Gold offers robust customer service and a convenient online business that makes it investor-friendly.

Birch Gold is committed to helping you diversify your portfolio and keeping your wealth safe from the erratic nature of the finance world.

They put their customers at the center of their business and go above and beyond in offering them the best value for their money.


Reasons You Should Opt For Gold and Precious Metals IRA to Diversify Your Wealth Investment Today

“Don’t put your eggs in one basket” and “don’t count your hens before they hatch” are sayings we’ve heard on different occasions aimed at cautioning us on our actions. These saying are just as true when it comes to Investments.

It’s not financially intelligent neither is it prudent to keep all your wealth and savings in one Investment. Diversifying your assets helps you to reduce risk and save your future.

Below are reasons you should choose precious metals while diversifying your wealth.

  • Precious metals are a safe haven away from the volatility and capricious nature of the stock market. Precious metals are a valuable and secure alternative for stocks, bonds, debentures, the US dollar, etc.
  • Gold’s don’t dip like paper assets. On every stock market crash or financial crisis, we are reminded that gold doesn’t suffer the same meltdown as stocks, bonds, etc. The tangible nature of gold gives it an intrinsic value that guarantees a lasting value.
  • Precious metals retain value while other assets may lose their value. In an economic recession when other assets depreciate in value, precious metals increase in value making it a good long-term investment.
  • Diversify your retirement savings: this is a primary reason that can’t be emphasized enough. It’s better to spread your life earnings across different Investments to reduce the risk.
  • Limited supplies could result in future gains: there’s a perpetual scarcity when it comes to precious metals. The finite existence of precious metals has made them valuable, and as their importance continues to grow, so does their value.
  • Secure your purchasing power: Currencies will always rise and fall, but precious metals do not. Securing your IRA in precious metals such as gold will protect your assets from inflation and secure your spending power in the face of dwindling currency value.
  • Converting to a precious metals IRA is simple — You can easily convert your existing IRA account to a gold IRA. It doesn’t require huge paperwork or protocols. All it takes is an eligible 401(k) or an IRA (or other less common retirement accounts) to easily transfer to an IRA backed by gold, silver, or other precious metal assets.


What Makes Birch Gold One of the Top IRA Investment Company?

Birch Gold has earned its place in the ranks of too Gold IRA Investment companies. This is because of its outstanding services and wide packages. The factors that make Birch Gold a top IRA Investment company are:

• Commitment to Education

Birch makes their clients the centerpiece of their policies. They ensure that their clients are well informed and up to date with all the resources needed in helping them make the right choice. They assist their clients in developing a custom financial strategy based on their current situation, long-term goals, and preferences.

• IRA Specialists

Birch Gold is a seasoned company with many years of experience. They operate an entire section dedicated to helping clients invest in gold IRA. Birch Gold IRA specialists will guide you every step of the way in making the right choice.

• Top Tier Employee Pedigree

Birch Gold retains a strong workforce that comprises seasoned professionals. Their staff list cut across various Investment sectors. They have a group of investment bankers, financial advisors, lawyers, tax experts, etc who facilitates a seamless operation.

• Endorsements

Any company that knows its onions would certainly get the recognition they deserve. Birch Gold has earned the recognition and respect of both clients and competitors. Their services have been endorsed by different industry experts and top makes.


Services Birch Gold Group Offers

Birch Gold Group offers a variety of Investment products that allows you to choose the product that best suits your needs. They offer both IRA rollover services and physical metals.

You can choose physical Investments such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, bullion, and coins. You can also purchase treasury minted gold and silver coins from the US and Canada.

You can choose from a variety of gold coins all authenticated by the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation and Professional Coin Grading Service. The American Eagle, Indian Head, and Canadian Maple Leaf are some of the coins you can choose from.

The authentication firm verifies every aspect of the coin, ranging from its weight, purity, value, and other factors.

Birch Gold’s roll-over service makes it easy for you to buy these coins. You can simply use your 401K to fund your IRA.

Birch Gold offers custodian and depository services. As a buyer, they can help you hold your precious metal in a vault. They also assist in administrating your investment account.

How Birch Gold Stores Precious Metals

Finding a trustworthy custodian can be tough. Birch Gold helps you navigate this tricky road. In accordance with IRS standards, Birch works with Brink’s, International Depository Services, and Delaware Depository in storing precious metals.

Storage Fees

Birch Gold doesn’t store precious metals themselves. They make use of different third-party storage firms. Hence when you invest in precious metals, through an IRA you’ll need to pay some related storage fees.

The standard for most Birch Gold customer fees is $100 annually, with an additional $80 for maintenance. The fees vary according to your storage preference.

Birch Gold Group Minimum Investment & Fees

All IRA Investment products attract fees and this includes a gold IRA. However, precious metals IRA attracts extra fees, mainly due to the increased complexity of the process.

Birch Gold Group offers you a competitive price that fully reflects the value you will get to enjoy.

• Precious Metals IRA has a minimum investment of $10,000 and an annual custodian fee of $180.

• Non-IRA has a minimum investment of $10,000 and carries no annual custodian fee.

Account Set Up Fee

Equity Trust Company, which is Birch Gold’s primary partner custodian, charges $50 as a set-up fee.

This might find this to be on the high side especially if you’re used to the conventional IRA set up fee, but it’s fairly standard for a precious metal IRA.

Equity Trust also charges a $30 wire transfer fee.

Is Birch Gold Suitable For Everyone?

Wondering if you’re qualified for Birch Gold Investment? The goodness is that Birch Gold is for anyone looking to secure their future and retirement.

  • If you’re looking to learn more about investing in precious metals and how it can align with Investment plans and future goals, then Birch Gold is for you.
  • If you need a qualified chaperone to guide you on making the right choice and securing your future through diversification, you should choose Birch Gold.
  • If you don’t want to go through the tedious task of talking to depository companies, and you need a company you can trust to administer your Investment, Birch Gold is for you.
  • You want to diversify your portfolio by investing in precious metals, or you want to switch your traditional IRA to Gold IRA, Birch Gold is for you.

Benefits of Choosing Birch Gold

The following are the benefits of choosing Birch Gold:

  • Dedicated customer care and extensive client education
  • They offer custodian and depository recommendations
  • They adhere to all required regulations which makes them a safe choice
  • Top rated by industry experts, professional bodies, and customers

The downside of Birch Gold is less compared to its benefits.

  • They don’t offer overseas depository options which could help clients reduce tax
  • Clients may have to demand an explanation on some initial setup fees


How To Invest In Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group

If you’re interested in investing in Birch Gold Group. The process of rolling over your traditional IRA account or 401K account to a gold IRA is simple.

You just have to take these simple steps:

Step 1: You will reach out to a Birch Gold specialist so you can meet and discuss your plans, goals, and objectives.
Step 2: The IRA specialist will examine and determine the rollover eligibility of your retirement account.
Step 3: Next step is to create an account with a custodian. Birch helps in this process by recommending how to help with the paperwork.
Step 4: Funds from your existing retirement account will roll over into your new self-directed IRA. Birch will help you navigate the details.
Step 5: moving the funds from your IRA to your new IRA, then purchasing your desired precious metals which will be stored in an approved depository.

When making a cash purchase, the steps are a little different.

Step 1: You will speak to a Birch Gold specialist to discuss your plans.
Step 2: after which you will send money to Birch Gold Group through wire transfer or cheque.
Step 3: Birch will purchase the designated precious metals.
Step 4: Then it will be shipped to your designated storage facility.

You can rest assured that Birch Gold will assist you all the step of the way in making the best choice for you and your future.

Birch Gold is a leading firm in precious metals IRA. They’re a strong partner if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio and spread your investments to safer sectors. Birch Gold offers a robust customer experience and competitive pricing which makes them a favorite for both customers and professionals.

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  1. Without any doubts, it is really essential to choose a trustworthy and reliable company to buy precious metals because it is a serious and global step. I can say that I have heard a lot about Birch Gold Group and that they stand out with their stability and decent reputation, but your title has astonished me. It is so cool that despite its disadvantages, this company is not a scam and legit because it will be truly frustrating for me to be disappointed in this company. If we talk about their cons, I can say that nothing is perfect and it is normal to have not only pros, but it is important that in the end the advantages outweigh the disadvantages as in Birch Gold Group. It is so wonderful that you gave people a clear view of this organization, revealing it in a full measure and giving an adequate assessment of it.

  2. Gold has been a coveted commodity for years, and it goes on to be a famous hideout during economic commotion for investors all over the world. If you’re searching for a way to spend in gold and other costly metals as part of your retirement savings, a costly metal IRA is the best way to do this. Goldco is one of the head in gold and silver IRAs. It also helps the investors with the rollover procedure and sells gold and silver coins and bars to capitalists outside retirement accounts. The company gets superb reviews from esteemed financial reporting sites, for example Cayman Financial Review. We took a nearer look at this valued metals company to decide whether it lives up to its name.

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