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How Goldco Company Works Why Invest in Gold & Silver IRA with Goldco

Investments are the cushion from future financial troubles. Hence it’s important to shield your investment from an erratic stock market and capricious government spending and regulations. The best way to achieve this is by investing in precious metals.

Precious metals, unlike paper investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds can stand on their own and possess an ever-increasing value.

If you’re seeking stability and a safe investment for your future, precious metals are the answer, and if precious metal is what you want then Goldco IRA is the best choice for you.



About Goldco

Goldco is a top precious metals firm that offers a wide range of investment services in precious metals. Goldco specializes in Gold and Silver IRAs, as well as helping its large clientele in buying and selling precious metals.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, Goldco is an established firm that has proven to be a leader in Precious

Metals investments. Goldco has a proven record of helping its clients to diversify, grow, and protect their wealth through investment in metals such as good, silver, platinum, and palladium.

A distinguishing quality of Goldco is its excellent customer service system that adopts a step-by-step approach in assisting their customers in making the right decision. Goldco has top-notch educational resources that guide customers in identifying the best investment for them.

Goldco has recorded stellar reviews and recommendations. In 2015, it was named the third fastest-growing financial service company in the

The US by Inc. Magazine. Los Angeles Business Journal also named Goldco the 17th fastest-growing company in the greater Los Angeles Area.

Goldco is committed to helping Americans secure their assets and Investments against the volatility of the stock market by helping them Invest in precious metals. Goldco will help you protect your retirement benefits by investing in precious metals which is safe and has an ever appreciating value.


How Does Goldco Work and Benefits Of Choosing Goldco

There are several benefits you enjoy from choosing Goldco. Their exquisite customer service and their excellent packages make them a top choice for investors.

The main benefits of choosing Goldco are:

Stellar Customer Service

Goldco prioritizes its customer services and provides a step by step guidance to its clients. Either you’re opening an IRA account or purchasing metals for your collection, Goldco outdo themselves to ensure that their customer is completely satisfied.

They also operate a 24 hours customer service that listened to your complaints and resolves them timeously.

Low Fees

Goldco’s offers a competitive price that is affordable and cost-effective. Unlike some good IRA companies, you don’t have to break the bank to afford Goldco’s services.

Goldco offers an affordable fee of $260 for precious metal IRA. You are to pay $260 for your first year and $180 every year after that.

Non-IRA transactions cost $0 and they also offer to store your precious metals for free, which is an incentive that is not offered by most gold IRA companies.

IRA & 401(k) Rollovers

Goldco helps you to seamlessly transfer or diversify your Investment from your existing retirement plan. Goldco makes the rollover process easy and swift.

All you need to do is:

—You open a new Goldco Precious Metals IRA.
—Your Goldco specialist helps you fund your account with your old IRA.

Once the money moves, a Goldco specialist will help you select precious metals that suit your goals and needs. The rollover process takes 10 days, and an IRA Specialist assigned to you will guide you through every step of the rollover process.

Buyback Program

After holding your precious metals for a period and you want to sell them for a profit Goldco will buy them back from you. This is positive news for investors as it is easy for you to sell your precious metals at a higher price instead of selling to a random buyer.

You’re not contractually obligated to sell your precious metals back to Goldco, but you will be saving yourself the headache and likely get a better deal than you would elsewhere.

Extensive Educational Resources

Goldco takes its time to offer its customers extensive access to informative materials that would assist them in making the right decision.

Goldco operates an educational center on its website where investors can learn about precious metals and IRAs. The educational resources have an in-depth analysis on topics such as recessions, trade wars, the debt bubble, etc.

You can download several e-books on American IRA and the 401(k) crisis, 10 Reasons Why The Dollar Will Crash, and a 12-page gold IRA investment guide.

If you prefer videos, you will find different videos on retirement threats, economic recession, stock market crisis, the oil price slump, etc on Goldco’s website. You can also view the active price trackers for precious metals on the website.

If you have any questions about their services, or on any of their products you can always message the customer care service who are always on the ground to answer all your questions.

Free Gold IRA Guide by Goldco


Goldco Offers The Following Services

When it comes to gold IRA, there are different options you can go for depending on your preference and liquidity. Goldco offers different services which give you an option to choose what type of Investment best works for you.

If you prefer precious metals, non-IRA precious metals, or cryptocurrency, Goldco has an option for you.

Precious Metal IRA

This is the traditional gold IRA that offers a gold IRA, or silver IRA, or a combination of both. You need to be under the age of 70½ to be eligible for this type of Investment.

In line with IRS regulations, a third party is used to store precious metals purchase from Goldco. The precious metals are kept in the custody of Equity Trust Company.

Non-IRA Precious Metals

Non-IRA precious metals are available to all investors irrespective of age. Goldco can purchase precious metals for you and hold them for a certain period during which it will appreciate and you will earn profits

You can also choose to have the gold or precious metals deliver to your home for you to hold yourself, or you can instead ask Goldco to hold it for you in a secured vault.

Cryptocurrency IRA

Goldco has affiliated CoinIRA which is a cryptocurrency. If you’re interested in cryptocurrency Goldco can help you diversify your portfolio. At the moment, Gold and crypto two of the most attractive Investments that are safe from the volatility of the stock market.



Goldco IRA-Approved Gold Products

Goldco offers top-quality gold that you can invest in and hold for profit. You can buy the gold as a part of your IRA for it to be kept in these products in a secured Goldco vault, or you can choose to keep it in a private collection, but this way, it won’t be part of your IRA.

Gold Australia Saltwater Crocodile

This is a limited Mintage Coin that’s is produced by The Perth Mint in Australia. It weighs a quarter (¼) ounce in size and is 99.99% pure gold.

It’s available for IRA Investment as well as a private purchase. This gold is globally sought after by investors and collectors.

Lunar Dog British Gold Coin

This coin is a legal tender in the UK with a 25 face value. It’s minted to .9999 gold purity. It’s a royal minted coin that features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and a reverse design of British-Chinese artist Wuon-Gean Ho. It’s high in demand and available for both IRA and private Investment.

gold and silver coins

Goldco IRA Approved Silver Products

Don’t be deceived by the Goldco IRA name, they do not restrict deals in gold. They also deal in silver precious metals which you can Invest in. You can choose to purchase it as an IRA Investment or keep it in a private collection.

Silver Australian Saltwater Crocodiles

This is a Limited Mintage Coins minted The Perth Mint in Australia. It weighs half (½ ) ounce and has a 99.99% silver purity. It’s an Australian legal tender with a 50 cents face value and it’s a highly sought-after alternative to US Currency.

Canadian Silver Lucky Dragon Coin

This is a Limited Mintage from the respected Royal Canadian Treasury. It weighs one ounce and is .9999 fine silver. It’s a legal tender in Canada with a $5 face value, and it’s considered a strong alternative to the US. Currency.

It’s highly sought after globally and is available for IRA investment and private collection.


Goldco Gold & Silver Storage

Goldco offers excellent customer service which includes assisting their customers in storing their precious metals. Goldco assists you in transferring any gold or silver coins that you purchase over to a secured vault that is found in an IRA-approved depository.
Precious metals IRA starts at $260 annually. You get a $180 discount in your first year. If you want an IRA with segregated storage, it’s $50 more. You’ll pay $310 the first year and $230 in the following years.



Why You Should Invest in Gold, Silver, and Other Precious Metals?

The global financial market is filled with different ups and downs. The global economic recession has seen valuable stocks and bonds become worthless overnight. If you cast your mind back to the 2008 global recession, you will recall how the global financial market was thrown into a meltdown that saw trillions of dollars lost, companies crashed, and countless Investments lost.

If you’re looking for an asset that is secured from the precarious nature of the stock market, you should go for precious metals. Precious metals are stable and secured from the volatile nature of the stock market.

Precious metals have an ancient record of appreciating while other traditional securities like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds decline.

Minimum to Qualify for Investment

Goldco’s minimum investment is competitive and they offer one of the best deals in the gold IRA market.

The minimum investment for Precious Metals IRA is $20,000 to $25,000. While the minimum investment for Non-IRA transactions is $3,500.

Who Should Opt For Goldco?

Goldco is a top choice for different types of investors looking for a stable and safe investment with good returns.

If you desire to own physical metal, then you should choose one of Goldco’s precious metals. They are tangible and lasts forever without reducing in value, which makes them a good investment.

If you’re looking to protect your wealth and savings from stock market volatility you should opt for Goldco’s precious metals. These precious metals carry lower risk with a high return on your investment. They are also stable and safe compared to traditional securities. When there’s a financial meltdown, gold and silver always retain their value and bounce back when the economic storm is over.

If you’re looking towards retirement, your need safe and stable Investments that will provide you with a comfortable and financially secure retirement. Precious metals will give you the needed stability and security you need.

Special Offers For New Customers

Goldco offers new customers two incentives to help them settle down and enjoy a long-term Investment.

As a new customer, you get all the fees waived in your first year when you open an account with at least $50k.

Goldco also offers you 5% back in precious metals when you place a qualified order over $50k.

So, if you open an account with exactly $50,000, you could save up to $320 in fees and receive $2,500 worth of free metals depending on which ones you buy.


Goldco IRA Investment company is one of the best gold IRA companies in the US that offers robust all-around services. Goldco is a tested and trusted company that will help you diversify your portfolio into sustainable and safe precious metals that will give you long-term benefits and Investment security.

Also Sean Hannity started supporting Goldco in a big way, you can learn more in a published press release here, or go straight to

Goldco Free Gold IRA Guide

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